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This is a public service announcement!

The other day ago (April 10th to be exact. Yes 6 days ago!) something occurred to me and I feel like it needs to be shared.

The family was all home. I was cooking dinner and #HubbyLove and the kids were outside.

It was one of those SPRING days we've been having between third winter here in good ol' KY

I finished cooking. At this point in my "mom brain" I would normally dish up everyone's plate and then call them in for dinner.

I turned and realized, the house was silent.

No kids running around. No TV on. No phone noise.

In that moment. I made my plate and enjoyed a hot meal of "Breakfast for dinner"

(one of my favorites, don't judge me).

I ate my hot meal. In silence. I didn't get asked for anything additional

("more water please!" "Can I have another....")

It wasn't until I post about it in an awesome group that I'm in that I realized...


The following comment from another made me so happy:

" This post made me irrationally happy and emotional. THIS is self care. Self care doesn't have to cost money, it can be a miraculously silent meal that's hot and free of demands. ♡♡♡ "

Now let's be clear...

I LOVE being a wife and mother! #HubbyLove and I do things as a team. I LOVE my kids and I absolutely do not mind doing for them. It's my job, my priority to take care of them.


Ev. Er. Y. One.

So please, when you see this, plan something for yourself. DO something for yourself.

Make it so! ♡

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