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Happy House-iversary

How about a little #throwbackthursday

Its our house-iversary ya'll! It's hard to believe we've been in our place for four years now!

I decided to take a peek at the photos from the day we moved in and I was not disappointed ya'll!

#HubbyLove - #GBear - #Tuese


Looks how little and adorable they were!

The new neighbors came over to see us...

The nights here are truly perfect. I adore sitting outside. Right now, I can walk out my backdoor and hear the crickets, frogs, and smell honeysuckle. It's pretty much amazing ya'll!

One of the first nights in our new place
#Tuese - #ShepherdessGS - #LittleLion

It would only take two years before I finally got the nerve to...

and here we are ya'll! <3

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