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What better way to spend mothers day...

Than attempting to shear your herd.

You read that right. Attempting.

What. A. Nightmare.

So apparently, in true Kentucky fashion, our weather is just going to go from third winter to blazing summer. It's cool (wait...wut?) I'd rather it be hot than two feet of snow.

The herd however, need to rid themselves of their warm wintery attire.

This is where I'm supposed to come in...

Hello Shepherdess Jamie. AKA Super newbie shearer.

I did in fact take a wonderful shearing course last year. I got to visit and shear the animals at Sweetheart Suri Alpacas in Conneaut Ohio. (If you're ever up that way, please visit!) Diane was a fantastic host and Franc Winkley (with Premium Harvest Shearing) gave an amazing course on how to shear your animals.

My first before

and after...

My plan was to shear this upcoming Saturday, the 19th (what better way to spend your anniversary than shearing alpacas, amirite?)

but, oh look, its supposed to thrown down and storm all week.

(insert my not-so-happy face here. You cannot shear wet alpacas)

So we threw together a plan to shear on Mother's Day.

Our usual rookie shear team was scrambling to get together. Myself and one other works on Sundays. One is in Alaska. Others had actual Mother's Day Plans. No biggie. We worked it out.

Turns out, the universe had other plans and poor #EarlTheAlpaca got the short end of the stick this time around (Sorry Earl!)

#EarlTheAlpaca pre what-happened-haircut

Everything was working against us. Shears that are brand new weren't working as needed. The entire day seemed like a waste.

Setting up for and planning for shearing is a bit of a task.

I won't get into details but to set it up, start and then not even make through one whole animal (really, so sorry Earl, we'll get you a fresh cut soon)

It was all extremely frustrating.

Through it all though, my shear team, my family and friends, were there.

I got to spend Mother's Day with my momma who is the best around. #NoContest

I cannot tell you all how much it means to have this support on my side.

So since we didn't get to shear, and it's still Thursday, here's a little #ThrowbackThursday photo favorite of LAST YEARS shear day :D

#Elmo #HubbyLove #AuntieC #B_502 and me, going in for the tackle. Not Pictured #Ta and #DanThaMan #RookieShearTeam

P.S. Happy Birthday to this FatHead #Rakkis . We Love you sir!

Birthday Boy! <3

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