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It's been a long time. Shouldn't have left you...

Updated: Apr 16, 2018

Without a long blog to get though ;)

Sorry folks.

Life. Has. Been. Busy.

and I've needed quite a few naps!

Really though, I'm writing this at 12:51am on the night of #LittleLions FIRST SLEEPOVER!

Let me tell you, kid sleepovers are no joke. I'm beat, buuuuuuut,

They're still kickin' (at least two of them)

Here are a few shots of the Camp-night Forest Theme 7th Party that JUST took place

The "moss"cupcakes were fun and yes, that is a hedgehog cheese ball!

(super easy and yummy recipe found here: )

Earlier in the day....

Of course we went out to visit the boys

we let them run, and run, and run (in hopes of making them sleepy. BAHAHA!)

We opened presents

Everyone was equipped with binoculars, compasses, and flashlights for...

An outdoor adventure and scavenger hunt. Thanks @Jacey for the assistance

While not all of them made it through the night (5 of the 11 missed their mommas so much they needed to see them right now! <3 ) I think they had a great time!

Thank you to everyone who came out and celebrated #LittleLions day!

The table is set for breakfast in a few short hours.

I'm off to try to catch some ZzZs...

before our next birthday party TOMORROW! BUSY BUSY!

See you all soon!

PS. As always, special thanks to #Ta and #B_502 for assisting with the birthday festivities. #DreamTeam

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