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Throw back Thursday

Updated: May 25, 2018

DIY Style

#HubbyLove and I like to do things DIY. We're self taught

(thank you youtube and all things internet) and just kinda do it as we go.

So for today, I thought I'd post a quick throwback to the kitchen project we've started in our home. Yes, STARTED, its still a WIP (work in progress)

DIY means living in a constant state of remodel

that is unless you do it all before you move in, but whats the fun in that?!

Here she is before:

Fancy huh?

Now... I know what some of you are saying

"but Jamie, that is a nice kitchen"

Yes, yes it is. It is nice, but it didn't feel like us. It wasn't ours. SO! DIY we did!

First it was the floors.

We got rid of the old outdated carpet and the stick down wood-look flooring in the kitchen.

It. Was. A. Wreck.

The sub-flooring needed to be replaced in a LOT of places

The kitchen extends into our family and dining area so we did it all in one shot

For the new flooring, we didn't want the super shiny and polished look so we went with cabin grade oak flooring. Cheap and has character.

Did I mention it was cheap so easy on the funds? Probably my favorite perk!

We chose to use Rubio Monocoat for the floor protection. This stuff is fantastic!

It goes on in a single coat. has 0% VOCS (smells really nice actually) and comes in SO many colors. We chose Cotton White

After the flooring was complete, we painted the cabinets, raised the uppers to remove the useless dust collection space at the top and added new fancy appliances.

Seriously, my appliances can connect to wifi. Why this is needed, I have no clue.

We didn't like the way the fridge looked in its current spot so once we decided on a counter top, she got a new home and the real fun begins :D


Ok, so for the most part, I'm pretty savvy with finding deals and keeping our reno SUPER CHEAP! I splurged a bit here. Couldn't help myself. It's gorgeous!

This lovely along with butcher block counters and I could see it all start coming together...

Let's backtrack a second...isn't he handsome ya'll?

This man puts up with my crazy ideas. The amount of work he put into our home...I cannot express how thankful I am <3

The counter was finished with Rubio Monocoat as well.

Then the tiling began

Check it! Proof I do things!

While I love the finished product of this tiling job, tiling and grouting is NOT a job I would want on the regular. Shout out and props to those who do this for a living! You the real MVP!

A few bits of hardware later and we're ALMOST done with it.

Still need to add some new lighting and open shelving under the cabinets.

Also taking suggestions on what do to under the sink.

FYI That gorgeous apron front sink comes with consequences.

The cabinet no longer fits standard doors and I dislike the curtain idea.

Feel free to send suggestions my way!

I LOVE it!

If you're scared of doing a DIY project yourself, don't be!

Yes it takes work and research, but the feeling you have when you've completed (or partially completed in our case) a project is amazing!

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