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The Alpacas of GoodShipp

Thought I'd take a bit to introduce you to the lovely alpacas we have here on our farm

For those that don't know, alpacas are a domesticated species of camelids

(yup, like the camels with the hump) from South America. While they are similar to llamas (and often confused with) they are more like a cousin of them. They're smaller in size (Llamas are about twice the size of alpacas), they have a different ear shape, and the fleece of the alpaca is more soft where the llama is coarse.

We are an alpaca fiber farm just south of Louisville Ky.

Animal fiber Farms are farms that house and raise animals that are then shorn for their fleece. Alpacas are generally shorn once a year. The fleece is then either sold raw or processed into yarn. It can even go further and be made into finished products like hats, socks, blankets and rugs. SO many awesome alpaca things! (OoO...alpaca sweater!) ETA: the animals are not hurt while getting the fiber. They are not killed and for the most part enjoy the shearing process.

There are TWO types of alpacas?

YES! There are two different types of alpacas. Huacaya and Suri. They're the same species but have different fleece types. Huacaya's are more like the cuddly teddy bear style where Suri's have silky looking dreadlocks.

Here at GoodShipp, we currently have 6 male Huacaya Alpacas

Elvis aka HeartThrob

I mean....just look at him! His name suits him!


Strong and Feisty


The biggest, baddest, boy in the bunch

Earl. The eldest. The trouble maker

(the one who won't sit still for a picture)


Handsome and Majestic (AF)

Last but not least,

Wyatt aka Sundancer - the baby of the group

(who we think resembles Ben Wyatt from Parks and Rec)

So that's our herd of six. We love them so much and they provide us awesome fiber to craft with as well as great entertainment. Of course, we're looking at adding more fleecy friends to our day. Maybe even some Suri's. To be continued....

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