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it all started with a cow...

Updated: Dec 6, 2018

People often ask me "why alpacas?" or "what made you decide to farm?"

I'm sure most of those that know me would never dream I'd end up having a farm.

A few might have (I see you three over there!) Most, I'd say not.

Even less would guess #hubbylove would.

So when I get this question, I usually answer with

Well, we (read: I [if you ask the husband lol]) just woke up and decided to start one.

but the longer version is as titled here. It all started with a cow.

This one.

I had JUST dropped off #LittleLion at her Kindergarten test run. A half day of school before the REAL day. You know, the one where I bawled my eyes out and she was a brave little soul and didn't cry once. Yeah, that one. I came home to this cow.

Half in. Half out of our barn. NOTE: This is not our cow.

"Well where did this cow come from?"

This here cow is part of our awesome neighbors herd. We allowed his cattle to graze because well, we're not farmers, we have land, we had no tractor. Win. Win. (win! #TheOffice)

here is the other half...

It was at this point we decided the cows had to go.

We ended up getting ol' Bessie here free and I started debating "Now what?"

"Shearing would be a fun hobby" I thought

I stumbled upon shearing after finding some adorable sheep that aren't available in the United States (bummer, right? I need some black nose valais in my life!)

We nixed the idea of sheep after some research but then came across alpacas after a nudge from my most favorite teacher Ms. Yundt. She may not remember sending me a link to Sugarloaf Alpacas but from there, the idea snowballed.

Cute. Adorable. Fuzzy. FANTASTIC for your fields ALPACAS!

You can shear those!

Big thanks Vickie at my local extension office.

She got me in contact with the fantastic Alvina of River Hill Ranch ( who graciously let me visit and do some chores with her while she let me meet her herd. I was INSTANTLY hooked! A few months later, a kind friend Patty ventured with me on a trip to pick up our first fiber boys.

So here we are, one year into this adventure and learning as we go!

From Suburbia to Farm Life. This is #GoodShipp

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