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#LittleLion loves pie

When your kiddo decides she wants to make a pie for Thanksgiving, you just can't say no.

Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday. Pie is one of my favorite things. So when my #LittleLion asked me if we could make a pie of course I told her "YES!"

Hey LittleLion, why do you want to make a pie?

"just 'cause it's good"

Truer words have never been spoken.

What type of pie should we make?

Oh there are so many types of delicious pies. She originally suggested pumpkin (not my favorite) We knew #Ta was already making pumpkin rolls as well as a pumpkin pie for #AuntElmo (you'll meet them later). We nixed the pumpkin.

Lets find a good recipe

"Can we google it?"

It still boggles my brain that my 6 year old tells me to Google things, but Google we did! She watched several videos about pies and landed on apple. YUM! From there, she decided which apple pie recipe she wanted to follow. A quick easy to follow recipe from Chef John at

Caramel Apple Pie? Clever Girl...

(In my best Jurassic Park voice) The recipe was super easy. 8 ingredients. Nothing crazy messy or hard (not that we would have minded) The hardest part was picking the apple at the grocery. She spent about 15 minutes choosing the type and then the actual apples once we narrowed it down to a flavor. #honeycrisp

It looks delicious and our house smells phenomenal!

She did a fantastic job on her first pie as you can see. We cannot wait to try it tomorrow!

Happy Thanksgiving ya'll!

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