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I'm not a very good blogger...

I'm quite forgetful. Often lazy. Super busy.

Not exactly the best recipe for someone who is trying to start blog.

I DO want to share this sweet new face with you all though...

this...Goat :D

Yes, she is a moby wrap

Currently, she is being called "Baby Goat". We cannot decide on a name.

She looks just like a cow. #kiddos want to call her Clover. #Ta says Cow.

#HubbyLove says Penelope. I say Beatrix Kiddo.

Baby Goat came to us Wednesday at only a few hours old. Her mom didn't want much to do with her. That first night was pretty scary. She is *SO* tiny. This picture doesn't do her miniature size justice. We're on day 4 with now and shes doing much better.

More to come on Baby Goat's alpaca adventures (and a name too)

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